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Hybrid mail software from the industry experts.

Hybrid mail software

for all organisations.

Send from anywhere

Upload documents from home, the office or anywhere you like with Hi-mail’s felxible and secure upload options.

Tailored Fit

Integrate Hi-mail with your existing document management software for seamless uploads.

Big Savings

Real cost savings by eradicating the need for time consuming manual processes and expensive pre-printed stationery.

Built For Business. Eliminate your document sending stress with Hi-mail.

Document Formats

Upload documents in all your existing formats including Word and PDF.

Automate Everything

Automate to the extreme with Hi-mail AI for even greater control.

Live Address Check

Check your address data against the Royal Mail database

Fully Customisable

Add backgrounds, signatures and much more.

Consolidate & Save

Combine letters for the same address and save on postage costs.

Add Attachments

Add attachments to your documents. Manually or Automatically.

Bespoke Reporting

Build bespoke reports to understand your usage like never before.

Digital Delivery

Send documents via email & SMS with Hi-mail Digital.

Return Management

Inbound mail management handles all of your returns easily.

International Postage

Send documents to UK or Overseas addresses

Bespoke API

Built using our bespoke API for lightening fast submission

Hot Folder App

Our Drop Folder App makes sending from your PC a breeze

When we started to use the Hi-mail system we couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was. FDM gave us training and explained how the system worked. Now we know that our communications are managed in the most efficient way and that we benefit from the associated savings too.

Lynda HaywoodAssistants Benefits Manager

It was quickly evident that Hi-mail was the solution we needed to meet the challenges we were having. Six years later and we can’t quite believe we used to process our critical communications without the system in place.

Lisa BrownbillFlintshire County Council

Given the scale of the projects that we work on, we need a supplier that will be flexible. There are times when changes need to be made at the last minute and FDM can manage this without it becoming needlessly complicated.

Loraine GaterLead Engineer, Integrated Digital Service

Probably the most important relationship I’ve managed has been with FDM. They were like an extension of our team here, they helped compile, print, and manage distribution of our letters sending out 400,000 copies a day!

Jessica FeeneyProject Manager, London Elects

[FDM] go out of their way to help. I was very pleased that they were able to help us with our letters and get us set-up using their system, even though in our case I think it was very difficult.

Mike Fawcett

The Hi-mail system has taken away much of the administrative burden that comes with post and mail. What’s more, the updates to the Hi-mail 2.0 system have allowed us to customize more of our documents.

Mark HeapCompliance and Business Support

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