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About Hi-mail

What exactly is Hi-mail?

Hi-mail is a next generation hybrid mail solution. It lets you upload documents directly from your PC or laptop, choose all of your print & mail options and then post them, all for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp!

How do I create my own account?

To sign up for a free Hi-mail account you need to fill out the Hi-mail sign-up form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

No. Hi-mail is a business service and doesn’t require any credit card or bank information for you to sign up. Our sales team will discuss all of the payment options with you when we get in touch.

Will Hi-mail work on my mobile or tablet?

Yes. Hi-mail will work on any device that allows you to browse the internet.

Is it available in my country?

Hi-mail is a UK based print & mail solution for residents of the UK or for anyone wishing to print & post documents within the UK.

What types of document can I send?

You can upload and send all types of letters and correspondence including invoices, remittences, newsletters, notifications, mail-shots, application forms and much more.

Setting up an account

How much does it cost?

You only pay for the documents you send so there are no set-up fees, ongoing software fees, maintenance fees or anything else. Simply pay for the letters you send out. Prices start from as low as 34p depending on your monthly volumes.

Can i have more than one user account?

Yes! You can set up as many users as you like to log in to your account and send letters, each with their own unique usernames, passwords and service abilities. Customise what they can access and how they use the service however you like.

Can I set up teams or groups of users?

Yes! You can have as many teams, groups or sub-accounts as you like. When you discuss your requirements with our sales team they will advise you of the best options based on the size of your organisation and individual requirements.

Can I send more than one at a time?

Yes. You can upload single documents, batches of documents or you can upload blank letter templates along with a CSV file and perform a mail merge using Hi-mail.

How are you able to print and post letters so cheaply?

FDM is unique amongst mailing companies. Not only are we a complete in-house print and mail operation, we are a fully licensed Downstream Access provider with Royal Mail, giving you access to the lowest possible postage rates using both Royal Mail and our own FDM Mail.

To achieve these savings, FDM sorts every outgoing envelope set using our leading-edge electronic mail sorting equipment and then transports mail directly to Royal Mail inward mailing centres for final mile delivery, removing the pre-sortation process from Royal Mail’s process and therefor achieving greater postage savings.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us today to find out more about Hi-mail and the potential cost & time savings you could achieve.