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Hi-mail Pricing Calculator - see how much you could save with Hi-mail.

Pricing Calculator

Find out how much you could save using FDM’s next generation hybrid mail solution. Print and post all your letters from any device, anywhere in the world, for up to 60% less than your current costs.

Our Hybrid Mail software, Hi-mail, puts you in the driving seat and is packed with features that allow you to automate your daily tasks and save yourself time & money on your print & postage.

Although the concept is quite simple, and the cost and time savings seem appealing, many organisations can’t put an exact figure on what they spend on internal print & postage and therefore don’t know if the savings would be worth while. That’s why we’ve built this handy tool to show you.

Pricing Calculator

Hi-mail Cost Calculator

Use our simple cost calculator below to see how much you could save using Hi-mail.

*Prices based on a single sheet enclosed into a plain white OSC5 outer envelope.

Prices are an estimate only and other charges may apply upon site of data and actual quantities sent.

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